My Writing

Here are some links to writings I have done:


I published several children’s chapter books for Scholastic, Inc. based on animated properties. (Yes, I was able to profit from watching cartoons.)

The books are now out of print, but here is a PDF with sample pages from one of the books.




I have been a longtime contributor to, a website dedicated not only to comic books but to science fiction and fantasy pop culture in general.

CSI not-so-boldly goes to a science fiction convention

Anime for Comics Fans; Comics for Anime Fans: Rebels with a cause

Frank McCourt, Mentor to Generations of NY Geeks, Dead at 78


Book Reviews appearing in Publishers Weekly

Arrows of the Sun, by Judith Tarr

Isle of Woman, by Piers Anthony

Daughter of Elysium, by Joan Slonczewski

The Book of the Mad, by Tanith Lee

Camelot 30K, by Robert L. Forward



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